Garage door springs, brackets, cables and hardware attached to the springs are under very high tension and if handled improperly can cause serious injury.  Only a qualified professional should adjust them. 
My Garage Door wont go up!!
Is the power out?
Pull the red release cord from the garage door opener carriage (look up).  Then manually lift your garage door. Makes sure when you put your garage door down the carriage reengages.  Sometimes it wont because of the downward force of the opener.  If it doesn't lock someone can raise your garage door to access your garage. 
If NO:
1.  Look above your garage door from the inside and see if you have a broken spring.  If so, the spring needs to be replaced.
2.  If the garage door opener is humming you may need a new opener or the door is not engaged to carriage.
3.  Garage door raises partially and stops. The door is too heavy for the opener or there can be many other causes.
My Garage Door wont go down!!
1.  Six inches up from the floor are your safety beams.  They have to be lined up.  Very commonly these have been bumped and are out of place.
2.  The door maybe off track, have a broken hinge or roller, or the cable could be off.

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